Nehemiah week #2 – Nehemiah 1:1-20

In the second chapter of Nehemiah’s journal, we see how it was that the reconstruction project got underway.  There is so much we are not told – the journey itself, the acquisition of supplies, etc. – that it makes what we are told significant!
Do you have a challenge before you that you are not sure you can handle?  I think sooner or later we all get to that point.  Nehemiah is a case-study in how to manage the unmanageable.  His journals are a template for how to go about conquering the unconquerable.  Find wonderful encouragement from Nehemiah’s pattern for your own challenges today!

As you begin, read the second chapter of Nehemiah verses 1 through 20.

Who gets the credit for the success of Nehemiah’s requests?  (2:8)

Can you think of a time when you risked rejection or failure to do the will of the Lord?
How was “the good hand of (your) God rest upon you?”

Nehemiah earned the trust and respect of a pagan king without compromising his commitment to the Lord.  How can we do the same today with those in positions of authority over us?

Nehemiah used his position for the larger benefit of his people and the Lord’s work, even at great personal risk.  What wrong thinking causes us to protect ourselves rather than risk like Nehemiah?

Would you describe Nehemiah’s requests of the king as deliberate or spontaneous?  Are you more naturally a planner or a “go with the flow” kind of person?  How is Nehemiah’s readiness an example to us?

Nehemiah’s journey from Susa to Jerusalem covered about 800 miles.  The terrain was both harsh and treacherous.  Why do you think the difficulty of the trip is not mentioned in his journal?

Do you have any kingdom-building goals that you might hesitate to attack because they are difficult or dangerous?  What might they be?

How is Nehemiah’s decision to rest wise?

How is his decision to survey the walls at night wise?

How does Nehemiah’s game plan challenge you?

What good work would the Lord have you do?  Where has He given you a vision to build His kingdom?

Are there places in your relationship with the Lord that need rebuilding?  How might you follow in Nehemiah’s pattern to rebuild?