Summer In The Psalms

Music is a reflection of the human experience here on earth. Music or songs that contain lyrics are ways we express significant and powerful moments in our lives. These moments are often connected to strong emotional responses. Songs are journals. They create memories. They leave powerful pictures in our minds that remind us of situations we have lived through.

It was no different Thousands of years ago in a playlist we now know as the book of Psalms. Together we will scroll through the Psalms and explore the very nature of God and his relationship with humankind. This unique portion of the bible is comprised of what is commonly called “poetic literature;” meaning some of life’s greatest dealings, experiences, failures and loss are formatted in a poetic manner.

The book of Psalms expresses the deepest spiritual and emotional needs of man, and reveals the deepest feelings of the human heart. For this reason, I love reading the psalms because they are the most real and raw emotions expressed through life.Sometimes there is confusion, sorrow, anger, prayers, lament and praise. Unlike other parts of the Bible, the Psalms are not really directed to us. It is not primarily God
speaking to humans, but humans speaking to God. Psalms provide excellent insights as to how we should express the deepest needs of our
hearts in a godly manner. Regardless of the emotion, and despite whatever circumstance we may find ourselves in, Psalms teaches us how to properly express whatever may be most needful in our lives.

Join us as we explore this book and look at the issues of life we all wrestle with. Although we will not chronologically teach through the psalms (Psalm 1, 2, 3), we will read through them together in the months of July and August. Please see the attached reading schedule associated with our study.